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Volunteer for Falcon Road Festival 2018

Falcon Road Festival volunteer

Be a volunteer–health benefits!

Being a volunteer is a great way to meet people and it can be brilliant for your career but did you know volunteering is also seriously good for your health?

Did you know?

A recent impact report by Citizens Advice Bureau says 80% of its volunteers believe volunteering has made them healthier. 1500 volunteers were canvassed on all aspects of their volunteering experience, and responses suggest the sense of empowerment and purpose gained through volunteering has significantly boosted their confidence, resilience and self-esteem.
3 out of 5 said they felt less stressed, and 3 in 4 of those previously diagnosed with a mental health problem felt better able to manage their condition.

Most importantly volunteering can be a lot of fun while helping your community, so everybody wins 🙂

Volunteer for Falcon Road Festival 2018

More info and application details (it’s easy!) on this page (click here).

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